What plant style are you?

Hint it’s related to your furniture style.

Person watering a plant on top of a dresser.
Cheney Dresser, Acorn.

Plants are arguably the most versatile & beautiful home accessories. But with so many options, it can be overwhelming to find a starting point. First, see if you can identify your furniture style, then match up one of these six ‘types’ to find out which plant style you’d most enjoy in your home.

The Minimalist

If you prefer interiors with white walls and sparse décor, one large “statement plant” might be just what you need to finish the room. Use your plant’s placement to emphasize a key architectural element of your room, or to fill an empty corner. The key? Make sure the pot or planter matches the style of your overall aesthetic to keep your look on point.

Remy Sectional, Eden Floor Lamp, Brea Grey Rug

The Maximalist

If you believe more is better, go wild and fill your space with plants! Just keep in mind that when you’re grouping multiple plants together, choosing one cohesive trait will keep the display looking natural and not chaotic. For example, if all your plants are varying sizes, try using all terracotta pots to unify them. When setting plants in groups, it’s also important to vary the heights so each plant can get light and be seen.

Kitchen and dining room with barstools, table and chairs, plus a lot of houseplants hanging from the window and ceiling.
Hugo Barstools, Wexler Dining Chairs, Trenton Dining Table

The Dramatic

Do you love to make an impression? Choose an impressive furniture piece as the focal point of your interior jungle. Whether it’s a unique vintage accent chair, or a beautiful dresser, picking a piece with wood or fabric tones that contrasts well with foliage will look amazing.

Cheney Dresser, Acorn

The Eclectic

If you enjoy thrift-shopping, DIY, or collecting one-of-a-kind art, you should channel that energy into picking amazing and unique plant vessels. You can use almost anything — a basket, a glass bowl, a garage-sale find, and more. Add quirk to the outside, while keeping the plant’s original container on the inside, in case the decorative holder isn’t waterproof.

Cheney Nightstand, Acorn and Drommen Bedframe, Blakely Table Lamp

The Space-Limited

We don’t all have the luxury of a 5,000ft home, and that’s ok! Tuck some small plants in around books and décor to create the perfect ‘shelfie’ or to spruce up a bar cart and take advantage of your two tiers. Vertical space is also your friend– hanging plants naturally draw the eye upwards and add pizazz to any room.

Perrier Bar Cart

Low Maintenance

Too busy to maintain plant life? No judgement here! There are great options out there to display clippings and cuttings — from wall-mounted propagation stations to beautiful vases. Simply the addition of an organic element will make a huge difference to your décor, so go for it. And of course, there’s always the option to use faux plants; they’ve gotten so realistic your guests won’t know the difference!

Congo Media Credenza

It goes without saying that before bringing any new plants home, you should ask your local nursery about how often to water, and make sure you’ve got the right light conditions to keep your plant babies alive.

We’d love to see what you’ve done with the place! Share your plant pics and tag #fernishliving on Instagram.