5 home improvement tips to take your rental up a notch.

Making your rental feel like home is a challenge, but it’s one that can be overcome. We turned to Jennie, the expert behind Rentovation…

A bright living room with white sectional and wood accent furniture.
All images courtesy of Rentovation.

Making your rental feel like home is a challenge, but it’s one that can be overcome. You don’t even have to sacrifice your security deposit to get there! We turned to Jennie, the mastermind behind Rentovation, for her expert opinion on how to easily customize your space to your taste.

Add some personality with temporary wallpaper.

A pink bathroom with custom bird wallpaper.

This isn’t your grandma’s wallpaper. Peel-and-stick wallpaper comes in all shapes and sizes, while also being cheap and easy enough to apply on your own. Heads up: if your walls are textured, it likely won’t stick. We recommend painting instead (after you check your lease, of course).

Switch out light fixtures.

A bedroom with a large paper lantern installed above the bed.

Besides being an easy way to add interest to your space, the best part about swapping light fixtures is the fact that you can take them with you when you go! No waste here. Be sure to keep the original ones somewhere safe in the meantime, so you can put them back when your lease is up.

Hit the hardware aisle.

Before and after of a kitchen with silver pulls switched to dark metal handles.

Outdated kitchens are a reality many of us struggle with. Luckily, you don’t need new appliances or countertops to still make a real difference. Ditch the knobs straight out of the 70’s, and install something a bit more modern. Keep up the trend in your bathroom with new towel racks and toilet paper hooks, too.

Update your window treatments.

A living room with a blue couch and red and white curtains.

“Plastic blinds, hooray!” — said no one ever. Elevate your windows with your own drapes or curtains. Beyond simply fabric type and color, consider length– hanging just above the floor is timeless, while gathering on the floor is more boho. If you have a small space, try bamboo shades to add interest without overtaking the room.

Make your bed (yes, just that).

A bedroom with the bed made and tan throw pillows on top.

There’s a great debate around whether or not you should make your bed every day, and we’re taking a side. Do it! A well-made bed is cozy and inviting, and does wonders for your mood throughout the day. Pro Tip: put the top sheet upside down and fold it back over the duvet– it’ll be begging you to hop in after a long day.