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What is Fernish?

Fernish is a monthly subscription service for your home that lets you easily get the furniture (and decor!) you need, for the amount of time you need it. You can subscribe to individual pieces such as beds or sofas, or get an entire dining room or bedroom set-up, all for a low monthly price that works for you.

What are the benefits of subscribing to home furnishings?

Moving and furnishing your home can be overwhelming, time-consuming, and stressful. We make it easy to find and enjoy the right pieces that suit your taste - without the commitment of owning furniture. From an easy shopping experience to easy in-home delivery and assembly, we help you feel at home instantly, with affordable, quality furniture so you can focus on living in your home. Need a style refresh? We have you covered! You can swap your items, buy them out, or simply have us pick them up!

What cities do you Fernish?

We’re currently Fernishing homes in the following areas:

  • Southern California: Los Angeles, Southern & Coastal Ventura county, and Orange County areas
  • Washington: Seattle-Tacoma area
  • Texas: Dallas-Fort Worth and Austin metro areas
  • NYC area: NYC and surrounding New York and New Jersey cities
  • DC area: DC and surrounding cities in Northern Virginia

If you’re unsure whether we deliver to your neighborhood, please contact us with your zip code, and we’ll check for you!

How does Fernish help ease my moving experience?

Let us worry about the heavy lifting—literally. You pick out what you want, and we'll bring it to your new place, set it up, and put it where you want it. By the time we leave your home, all you need to think about is which side of the sofa you're claiming to be yours.

Does Fernish perform a credit check?

Fernish does run a soft credit check that does not affect your credit score to ensure our customers have the best possible experience. Fernish requires a 550 or higher credit score to lease with us. You'll be notified if your credit score doesn't qualify, and refunded in full. You are always welcome to purchase the items out right if your credit score doesn't meet the criteria.

Can I subscribe to decor, kitchenware, air conditioning units, and electronics?

Right now, we only offer furniture, select decor, and televisions. Create an account to be notified of additional items in the future.

Where can I find the Wishlists I've created so I can share it with my friends?

All of your Wishlists can be found at https://fernish.com/wishlists. From there, you'll be able to share a link to your Wishlist with your friends. You can also create sub categories within the wishlist to organize the items you love, along with changing the name of the list, and editing the items on your list.

Does Fernish have programs or offerings specifically for businesses?

Yes, Fernish has specific offerings for multifamily providers, residential real estate agents, interior decorators & stagers, and commercial offices & employers for benefits and relocation services.

The Subscription

How does a Fernish Subscription work?

Subscribing to the furniture you want is simple!

  1. Select your market (upper right-hand corner of homepage)
  2. Create an account with your email and password creation (verify through email confirmation)
  3. Browse the site, and choose the items or rooms you love by adding them to your cart. (Note: There is a $149 monthly minimum on all subscriptions.)
  4. Choose the duration of your furniture subscription—anywhere from 4 to 12 months.
  5. Check out by adding in your delivery address and payment info.

You can pick your preferred delivery date—as early as one week from your order date. We'll contact you to confirm the date and arrival time window a few days before your delivery. If you need to modify your subscription, just contact us!

What are the minimum amounts and terms for the subscription?

Fernish subscriptions require a minimum payment of $149 per month, and must last for at least 4 months. If you need your items for less than 4 months, we can pick them up sooner, however, we will still need to process payment for at least 4 months.

How do I update my billing information?

You can change your payment method by going to https://fernish.com/dashboard/edit_billing. This will update your default method for all future payments.

When will I be charged? When does my subscription officially begin?

During your checkout process, we'll collect the first month's subscription payment. After that, your monthly subscription fee will be charged on the same day of the month that your furniture is delivered, starting one month after your delivery date.

What if I need to cancel my subscription before the original end date?

No problem. If your circumstances change and you need to cancel your subscription earlier than anticipated, simply contact us and we can adjust your last payment. Your last payment will either reflect the remaining payments of your contract or a flat fee of $299- whichever is less after the 4-month minimum is met.

What happens at the end of my subscription period?

What happens next should be as easy as when you first signed up! At the end of your initial contract, you'll have several options:

  • We'll help you move! If you're moving within our delivery area we can help you with that. Just let us know if there's anything you'd like to swap to make your new space feel more like home, and how long you'd like to keep your adjusted subscription for (anywhere between 1-12 months).
  • You can buy-out your items. If you're ready to keep everything forever, then you can buy-out your subscription for retail price, minus the amount you've already paid toward the particular item in subscription fees.
  • It's OK if you want to return your items. We get it. Life happens. If it's time, then we'll help you end your subscription. Our team will disassemble and remove your Fernish items free of charge (given at least a 7-day notice)

If you're entirely done with your furniture subscription, we'll coordinate with you on a date to pick it up.

Can I swap my furniture in the middle of my subscription?

Yes! You can easily refresh and swap out as many items as you'd like for a swap fee of $149. Your monthly recurring subscription cost will adjust to the new item pricing.

Can I buy the furniture at the end of my subscription, and how much will it cost?

Yes! We make it easy to purchase the items you want to keep. Near the end of your subscription, you can choose to buy out any of your items at the original retail price, minus the amount you've already paid for that item during your initial subscription.

What payment types does Fernish accept?

We accept all major credit and debit cards. Your safety is our number one concern, and Fernish is fully compliant with all banking and financial regulations related to privacy and security.

What if I move in the middle of my Fernish subscription?

We're here to help. You're welcome to move your Fernish items yourself (as long as you're staying within our service areas) along with the rest of your belongings, but you would be held responsible for any damages that may take place during the move. If Fernish is moving your items, we ask for at least 7-days notice.

Can I add items to my subscription before it's delivered?

You can absolutely add items up to 48 hours before your scheduled delivery date by emailing our customer experience team at info@fernish.com or calling us at (310) 954-2005.

If you find something you love after that 48-hour deadline, we can arrange to deliver that item as part of your complimentary 3-day swap.

Note: San Diego customers will have any added items delivered separately, after the initial delivery.

How do I apply a promo code?

Promo codes can be added during the check out process! On a desktop computer, you will see a link to “Add promo code”. On a mobile device, expand the “Order Summary” box to enter the code. If you've already placed your order, and need to retroactively add a promo code, please reach out to customer service at info@fernish.com.

For Terms and Conditions of our promo codes, please click here.

The Furniture

Where is your furniture from?

We work with a curated list of suppliers to offer high-quality and stylish furniture. This way, your furniture looks as good as it will make you feel! Our partners include brands you already know and love such as Crate&Barrel, CB2, and Floyd.

Is my furniture always new?

All of the items will be delivered in new or like-new condition. Before any furniture is delivered to your home, it goes through several repairs, cleaning, and quality checks by our expert in-house team. "Like new" means there may be a small knick on wood or wear scratches on leather.

Does your furniture ever end up in landfills?

No—that's one of the reasons why Fernish was founded! Sustainability is super important to us, so we only offer quality furniture that is built to last. Any furniture that comes back to us and doesn't meet our strict “like-new” standards after our inspection, cleaning, and refurbishing process, is donated to a growing list of charitable organizations. For the small portion of the items we offer that cannot be safely re-used, we work with recycling or other reuse facilities when at all possible.

How carefully should I treat the furniture I am subscribing to?

Treat the furniture as if it were your own! Eat on it, sleep on it, and let your furry friends use it. We appreciate you respecting it (just like you would if you owned it), but don't worry about normal wear and tear. Check out our Furniture Care Guide for some basic maintenance instructions.

What happens if I accidentally break or stain an item?

Don't stress, we know life happens! We offer upholstery on our items that is commercial grade and is made for living. We can typically get most stains out to make the furniture look as-good-as-new once we receive the furniture back at the end of your subscription. For minor cleaning or spills, reference our Furniture Care Guide for best practices. For more extensive stains or damages, please contact us so we can discuss and evaluate next steps.

Is your furniture kid and pet friendly?

We want the entire family to be able to enjoy your newly Fernished home, including your two and four legged friends.

The Delivery

How will my delivery/order be affected by the current COVID-19 situation?

We monitor the situation and local orders from our governmental leaders every day, so while things are always subject to change, here is some helpful information:

  • We are currently doing deliveries, pick ups, and swaps as usual.
  • We are using extra precautions to keep our employees and customers safe. All the up-to-date details can be found here.
  • We are offering a no-contact delivery option, which we recommend during this time of social distancing. This option will allow us to bring your furniture and decor to your doorstep, but will not bring it inside of your residence. Most pieces will be assembled, so all you need to do is move the items inside after we leave and assemble the pieces too large to easily fit through doorways. (You will get notifications along the way to know when we're arriving and when we've left.)
  • Things are changing rapidly, so we may contact you to change your delivery/pick up date and time.
  • Should our team or someone in your household have any risk factors or signs of illness, we will need to reschedule your appointment. But don't worry - we'll save your items for you!

What is No-Contact Delivery?

No-Contact Delivery allows us to drop off your items on your doorstep and avoid any face-to-face contact. This is a safer option if you or anyone at home is at-risk, and if you can move your items inside, we strongly recommend choosing this option. Our team will let you know when they are on the way, when they've arrived, and when they are leaving your delivery address. In the meantime, they will unload your items and place them outside of your door. Most items that fit through standard doorways will be assembled, so you'll just need to move them inside after we leave. Anything that isn't assembled is pretty easy to put together, and our team is always here to help, if you get stuck or have any issues. Just email us at info@fernish.com.

How much does delivery cost?

Initial delivery of your furniture is free and includes assembly in the room(s) of your choice, and removal of packaging.

What is the delivery experience like?

We want to make the delivery process as seamless as possible. At checkout, simply select your ideal delivery date. We will reach out a few days before your delivery to confirm the date and an arrival window. In addition to delivery, our team will assemble and place all the items in the room(s) of your choice. Our goal is to complete delivery within one hour of arrival, but that could flex up or down based on the size of your subscription. To ensure the safety of your pets and our drivers, please ensure all furry family members are secured in a room, or crated.

How quickly do I receive my furniture?

We work fast! Delivery takes about 7 days, and we deliver Monday through Saturday. While we do route geographically, our scheduling team will reach out 3 days prior to your delivery to confirm a time window with you so you can plan your day accordingly.

What do I need to do to prepare for my delivery?

We want to be sure that we can be in and out quickly and safely. Please clear a walkway in your home, and ensure there is room for the team to work on the assembly of the furniture. If there is a loading dock or freight elevator for your building, ensure that you make arrangements with your property manager so that the Fernish delivery team has access as needed. Please note, we're not able to leave items un-assembled.

Do I need to be home for delivery?

You will need to be home to accept delivery and ensure you're happy with the items you selected. The team will ask that you sign a confirmation document that includes a list of what was delivered to your home.

What about my pets?

To ensure the safety of your pets and our drivers, please ensure all furry family members are secured in a room, or crated.

Does Fernish pick up my old furniture?

We're only able to pick up Fernish items; however, we are big fans of reaching out to your local charity for a donation!

What happens if I don't like some, or all, of my furniture when it arrives?

We want you to love your home, so if something isn't quite right for your needs, simply let us know within your 3-day grace period (immediately following your delivery). If there's something you think might work better, we'll be happy to swap that item for you, as soon as possible.

Rent-to-own Overview

Can I buy the furniture at the end of my subscription?

Yes! We make it easy to purchase the items you want to keep. Near the end of your subscription, you can choose to buy out any of your items at the original retail price, minus the amount you've already paid for that item during your initial subscription.

How many payments will I need to make before I own the furniture?

Generally, at the lowest monthly payment rate, it will take 24 months to reach the retail value (promotional discounts and referral credits do not apply to the retail buyout cost). You don't, however, have to wait to pay off the full item price. Near the end of your subscription, you can choose to buy out any of your items at current retail price, minus the amount you've paid over your subscription.

If you choose to keep any of your subscription items, each monthly payment is applied to the retail price until the item has been paid in full. The shorter the subscription (the higher the monthly payment), the quicker the item could be bought out. The longer the subscription (the lower the monthly payment), the longer it will take for the item to be bought out.

Please note that you must contact Customer Support in order to buy out pieces as this does not happen automatically. Once the item is bought out, it is no longer eligible for our subscription services including pickups, swaps or moves. All bought out sales are final.

How is the buyout price calculated?

Your buyout cost is the current retail price, minus the amount you've paid towards that item over your subscription (promotional discounts and referral credits do not apply to the retail buyout cost).

Will I automatically own the furniture once the buyout subscription term is complete?

No. Given we are a rental company first, you must contact Customer Support in order to buy out pieces as this does not happen automatically. Once the item is bought out it is no longer eligible for our subscription services including pickups, swaps, or moves. All bought out sales are final.

If I change my mind after I buy out the furniture, will you come pick it up?

No. Once the item is bought out it is no longer eligible for our subscription services including pickups, swaps, or moves. All bought out sales are final.

Buy Upfront Overview

Can I exchange purchase items?

If for whatever reason you want to exchange your items for a different piece from Fernish, you can within 30 days of your original delivery. While there is a fee of $149, Fernish would adjust your original payment for the cost difference of the item, and we'll come back and exchange the piece out for you.

What's the return policy if I buy my items upfront?

We know purchasing furniture can be a tedious process, and we want you to feel comfortable with your forever furniture! We offer a full refund for your purchase if you're unsatisfied with your item(s) for whatever reason. There is a return fee of $149 that would process to the card on file during the scheduling of the return. Some limitations may apply. Please reach out to us at info@fernish.com for more information.

If I buy an item up front, will it be new or used?

As a part of our sustainable mission, all of our items are in new or like-new condition! Our team goes through a detailed process of refurbishment, cleaning, and touching up any like-new items. To you, they'll be new!

What's the difference between renting and owning?

If you're looking for long-term "forever" furniture, but unsure what your style is, or if you're staying in your existing home long term, renting is a great way to have the items you love, without a long-term commitment. We do have an option for you to buy out your items at the end of your subscription! Purchasing is available for folks who know they're in it for the long haul and are ready to commit to the sofa of their dreams.

Any other details to know?

Direct purchase items are eligible for a full refund with a 30 day notice starting at the date of delivery. Direct purchase items can be exchanged with another direct purchase Fernish item within 30 days notice (from date of delivery). In the event of an exchange, the cost difference will be adjusted to the card on file. The item(s) returned must be in original condition, and are subject to a reduction in the refund if damage is caused at no fault of Fernish to the item(s). Items marked as final sale are not eligible for return or exchange. Refunds can take up to 2 weeks to process. In the off chance your item is damaged upon delivery, Fernish will work on a case-to-case work with you to find the best solution.