Fernish 2021: Our Year in Review

It was a year of elevated expectations. We became accustomed to our favorite restaurants’ charming outdoor setups, popular retailers offering curbside pickup, and local grocers shopping, bagging, and delivering goods to our door. The brands who won were those who adapted, and those who gave consumers what they truly wanted: more convenient options.

At Fernish, our focus has been — and always will be — on the customer. This year, we added more ways to furnish your home through rental, rent-to-own, and the option to buy upfront.

We worked hard to evolve with the changing demands around us, and set out to beat our own personal records when it came to sustainability, service, and living out our mission to make it effortless to create your home.

While we may not win medals, we’ll always celebrate our wins. So, what impact did we have in 2021?

Fernish 2021 Year In Review

We won when you won, by saving you money.

2021 was a huge year for customer savings — $25 million to be exact. By choosing Fernish, our customers avoided the exhausting and expensive process of buying, selling, storing, and moving furniture the traditional way. Instead, they gained flexibility, time, and money, better allowing them to make meaningful memories elsewhere.

We put in more reps: reusing, refinishing, and reducing furniture waste.

This year, we saved 268 tons of furniture from ending up in a landfill. That weight is the equivalent of 386 four-man Olympic bobsled teams (including the sleds!). Each piece of furniture we receive back from customers goes through a multi-step refurbishment process, allowing us to give it a second, third, even fourth life. Fun fact: we refurbished 183,838 square feet of hard good items this year. That’s 87x the playing surface of a curling rink!

We got you your furniture at lightning speed.

It seemed as though ordering anything this year took… forever. But feeling at home is important, and we aimed to do everything we could to get you there faster. So we continued to deliver and assemble hundreds of items every week, most often in 7 days or less. We even saved customers from 683 days of furniture assembly time. In that amount of time, an Olympic marathoner could circle the Earth 8 times.

We changed the playing field for more customers.

As life evolves, we believe your furniture should evolve with you. That belief is a huge part of our mission, and how we’re changing furniture for good every day. Fernish expanded to three new markets in 2021 — San Diego, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Austin — changing the furniture game for people in 755 more zip codes. East Coast, we’ll see you in 2022.

As we celebrate our accomplishments this holiday season, we also celebrate the relationships we have with each and every customer, partner, investor, supporter, and advocate who’s been there along the way. We could not have done it without you.