Fernish + renovai Partner to Introduce the 1st AI powered Virtual Designer

Furnishing a new place can be expensive, frustrating and overwhelming — an experience that Fernish’s team has been working to resolve since 2018 when they introduced furniture rental as a more affordable, more flexible, and more convenient way to furnish homes

Now, together with renovai, an industry leader in AI Visual Commerce solutions, Fernish is unveiling a first of its kind Virtual Designer to predict and recommend everything from furniture basics to accent pieces based on a person’s style, space and budget

Virtual Designer helps prospective customers with interior design recommendations

The key differentiator with the Virtual Designer technology Fernish uses is that the data comes from machine learning based on design rules and an individual’s style preferences — not the taste of a single interior designer nor general segmentations.

The Path to Building a Virtual Designer

The process of building a Virtual Designer requires:

  • Automated deep tagging of products from general descriptors including type, style and color to incredibly detailed information like how the legs of a bed frame may be straight or splayed or how a chair has a buttoned backrest.
  • AI-based shopper analysis to determine core patterns about their style requirements.

The Virtual Designer feature on the Fernish site can be accessed in one of two ways:

  1. A shopper visits Fernish’s site to take a Virtual Design Quiz. This allows the machine-based virtual designer to build a style profile and then make recommendations about what pieces will most fit their taste and their space.
  2. A “Complete the Look” module is available for almost every product featured so a shopper can go to an item’s page and discover a complete look built around the customer’s unique style profile.

“Our Virtual Designer democratizes interior design so that everyone at every budget can get style advice,” said Nina Klein, Director of Product at Fernish. “Our goal in this feature launch is to reinvent the furniture shopping experience and make it easier and much less intimidating.”

Fernish also employs and consults with interior designers and sees its Virtual Designer feature as additive to everyone’s ability to make smarter, more personalized choices.

“We are thrilled to partner with Fernish, a leading innovative company that puts customer needs first,” said Alon Gilady, renovai’s co-founder and CEO. “They share our vision of sustainability and perfecting new online retail standards. Naturally, our solutions will become an integral part of their mission to disrupt the rental furniture and home décor industry.”

About Fernish

Fernish, launched in 2018, is a premium direct-to-consumer furniture and décor rental service on a mission to make it effortless to create your home. Through its designer-curated selections, Fernish lets customers choose single pieces or full-room furnishings for however long they want them, with bite-sized monthly prices and convenient rent-to-own, swap out, and immediate buy options.

With today’s consumers moving more often and “settling down” later in life, Fernish is reducing the stress, time, carbon footprint, and expenses that it takes to create a home. The company is currently available in Los Angeles, Orange County, CA, San Diego, Seattle, Dallas-Fort Worth and Austin and will be doubling its market coverage in the first half of 2022.

About renovai

renovai is the company behind the world’s first AI-based interior designer. With the vision of creating inspiring and engaging online interactions, the company developed a complete suite of AI Design solutions addressing all visual commerce needs.

Powered by decades of design knowledge and best practices, renovai integrates with leading retailers, giving them a competitive edge by providing tailor made real -time realistic product display options and hyper-personalized journeys, significantly increasing conversion rate and average order value.