Our Big Hometown Bet: We’re giving you 1,000 reasons to root for the Los Angeles Rams™ on Sunday

Fernish is offering up to $1,000 off with a Game Day bet

Our Big Hometown Bet: We’re giving you 1,000 reasons to root for the Los Angeles Rams™ on Sunday

We started Fernish because we believe home should be a place that makes us all feel good. Your couch should be comfortable, your bed should be big enough for everyone in it (furry family included) and moving shouldn’t be one of the most stressful experiences in your life. We want everyone to have the freedom to settle in or move out — without the stress of worrying about whether your stuff will fit, how you’ll store it, sell it, move it… or whatever! We believe the flexibility and ease that comes with our furniture rental service is the future of furniture–and that the whole process should actually be fun.

The Super Bowl™ is a “home holiday” like no other. And given Fernish was built to make people feel right at home, it feels only right to roll out an offer that gives everyone a home advantage.

Fernish is proudly based in the great city of Los Angeles and we’ve had a ton of fun watching our hometown Los Angeles Rams™ make their NFL™ playoff run this season. A run that was made even sweeter knowing that the Super Bowl™ was going to be hosted right down the street from our office. So our team decided to have some fun too.

Depending on the outcome of the game, Fernish is offering up to $1,000 off any new orders placed between now and kickoff this Sunday*. The greater the Rams margin of victory, the greater the credit back on all orders placed prior to 3:30pm PST and using the code HOMETEAM. The discount schedule is as follows:

  • Rams win outright: $125-off
  • Rams win by 4 points: $250-off
  • Rams win by 11 points: $375-off
  • Rams win by 18 points: $500-off
  • Rams win by 25 or more points: $1,000-off

This promotion is available to any customer in Fernish’s service areas, and is our way to make shopping a sport for everyone. It’s our pleasure to give you a fantastic deal, an excellent experience, and 1,000 reasons to shop Fernish!

Michael Barlow, Co-founder & CEO

*Terms & Conditions Apply