Sustainable Dining Hacks

Dining more sustainably doesn't have to be daunting or overwhelming. We broke down some easy tips and tricks with our friends at Full Circle.

Buy Produce from Farmers Markets

Not only are you supporting local, family-owned businesses, but you are also cutting down on transportation waste. Most of the time, farmers market produce is organic and pesticide-free, which makes for healthier humans and the planet. 


Skip Single Use Plastic Bags

Bring reusable Goodie Bags like these from Full Circle, a sustainable line of home care products. Full Circle guides families through each step of their sustainability journey - inspiring and educating the next generation to live a more eco-friendly life and preserve the world we all share. Be sure to check out their line which is beautifully designed, functionally innovative, and responsibly produced! 

Prep Wisely 

When you are ready to prep your food, instead of using a disposable sponge, try a wood Ring Brush to clean your produce. Lay out your fruit and veggies to dry on a Tough Sheet towel– one roll is equivalent to 30 rolls of ordinary paper towels! Prep and cut your produce ahead of time and store it in Full Circle’s reusable bags to cut down the time and effort it takes to prepare a healthy meal.

Consume Less, Enjoy More

Use Tough Sheet towels to dry line the Produce Keeper bags, which are made from recycled plastic. This will absorb any extra moisture and prevent excess air from circulating around your produce, keeping it extra crisp and delicious. Storing fruit in bags like these from Full Circle extends the life of the produce, so you are less likely to be wasteful & throw out expired food.

Table Stakes 

Once your meal is ready, try eating it on a table that comes from a furniture rental company like Fernish. Fernish employs a circular-ready business model to combat wasteful fast furniture. Simple switches to companies like Full Circle and Fernish are easier on the environment and your wallet.