Luca Canvas Wall Art (24" x 24")


Elevate any wall in your home with the Luca Canvas Wall Art by Cristina Ripper. Featuring an abstract black and white design, this piece is the perfect finishing touch to any room.

About the artist: Cristina was born in Rio de Janeiro, in July 1963. In 1975 and 1976, she studied at the art school of Lúcia Matos, Rio de Janeiro. She obtained a degree in Architecture from the “Faculdade de Arquitectura e Urbanismo Mackenzie”, Saint Paul, Brazil, accredited by the school of Fine Arts (ESBAL) of Portugal, and has worked in the field for several years in parallel to working as an artist. In 1989 she moved to Lisbon, Portugal, where she attended several courses at the National Society of Fine Arts. Today, she teaches High School students and is in charge of teaching visual education. While working directly with her clients and as a freelance architect.

The sources of her inspiration for her art come from nature, the sun, blue skies, strong winds, mountains, and the sea. Her passion is drawing, painting, making sculptures, and testing different techniques in her practice.


  • Unframed canvas wall art



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